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Xabi Alonso

So the saga with Xabi Alonso continues, before I make my feelings clear on the whole situation let me first post what I feel to be a very good comment that I read on Sky Sports website then I will come back to my point..

Adam Stonier (Liverpool fan) says…

“The problem is quite simple, through a long chain of events dating back to last year, where both the owners and the manager must take responsibility. Firstly the owners forced through a 20m deal to sign keane when he wasn’t the manager’s choice as a major signing. This then denied the manager the necessary funds to sign his major target Gareth Barry at the over inflated amount villa were quoting. Unfortunately the manager had to raise funds in his pursuit of Barry and tried to offload Alonso on the cheap. That was the big mistake and has resulted in Alonso hoping for a move to Madrid as he may have felt not wanted at Liverpool (not too dissimilar to the way Gerrard may have felt a few yrs back when Liverpool weren’t decisive enough in sorting out a new contract!!). He was our 2nd best player behind Gerrard last season so the fee being quoted now is justifiable in the current transfer climate. But for Madrid to say they wont pay over the odds is a little rich considering the amount they have already spent this summer. You pay big money for big players and Alonso is certainly in that bracket for Liverpool.”

Posted 13:49 28th July 2009 on Sky Sports Website

I agree with most things said about the Alonso situation and think what Adam Stonier (above) said was bang on the money. The problem with Alonso was not last season but the season before because even though his passing ability is second to none his defensive qualities were poor and the amount of costly free kicks he gave away in the wrong half of the pitch came to Liverpool’s undoing in major games which is why I belive Rafa wanted to replace him with the better defensive player in Barry. One other point which i agree on and have said this for the last 15yrs is when it comes to selling players Liverpool must be the worst team in Europe for losing out on cash for major players. I could start a list but it would be never-ending, also Benitez moaning about fergie spending more cash is stupid as we have spent just as much and if we were marketed as good as utd are then maybe we could compete more in the transfer window no matter were you are you can get utd merchandise, yet trying to get Liverpool kits etc etc is like trying to find gold dust sometimes, the club on a whole need to fix up from directors to players and we need another top forward 100% but as usual were dragging our feet in the transfer market.. I thought Rafa was holding out on signing a new contract unless he had total control over transfers, well he has signed his contract so what’s he waiting for? Always supported Liverpool since 7yrs old now 31 and my family (Dad, Spurs ha ha) all support  Man utd so please please please fix up sharp!!!!!!!!

~ by awbroady on July 29, 2009.

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