Youngest Professional Player?

In terms of ambition, Bolivian schoolboy Mauricio Baldivieso, 13, is no different from millions of other soccer-playing kids around the world. Baldivieso made his pro debut on Sunday for Aurora, a first division club in the Bolivian league.

“There’s no age for football. I am determined to make it, 200%,” Baldivieso said from Cochabamba, in Bolivia.

“He’s a very mature and down-to- earth lad. He’s definitely ready,” said his father, Aurora coach and former Bolivia international Julio Cesar, who gave him a run in the final eight minutes of a 1-0 loss to La Paz.
Baldivieso has been deluged by his local media since donning the sky-blue of Aurora . Now he has set his sights high.

“My father is my hero. But one day I want to play in Spain or England — for Real Madrid or Manchester United. I’m really dreaming about that,” he said .

Julio Cesar rejects any idea that he is blooding Mauricio too soon. “My lad has talent. Psychologically, he is very strong, despite his tender years,” insisted the 37-year-old, who made his own club debut at 15 for city rivals Wilstermann.
A Bolivian Football Federation spokesman said Baldivieso was free to play professionally. “The Bolivian league does not have a minimum or a maximum age in its regulations, so if he is fit to play then there is no obstacle,” said the spokesman. Fifa regulations have no specific provisions regarding the age a player must be to compete in a national competition.
If Bolivia make it to the 2014 World Cup, in Brazil, with Baldivieso junior in the side, he would be a month shy of being 18 .
Pele remains the youngest World Cup winner, scoring twice at 17 and 249 days in the 1958 final success over Sweden.
In England, Reuben Noble- Lazarus, of Barnsley, became the youngest player to appear in a league match last year at 15 years and 45 days.
But Matthew Briggs is the England Premiership record holder after turning out at 16 years and 65 days in May 2007 for Fulham.

~ by awbroady on July 27, 2009.

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