Shearer back at Newcastle


Above: Alan Shearer back at Newcastle Utd

Now before i continue with this report, let me make it clear that as a footballer I do have the up-most respect for Mr Shearer at club and international level. As a football pundit, lets be honest, I don’t think there has been a single word which he has said on ‘Match of the Day’, that’s been a Revelation or something so obvious even those who only watch football because their partners do couldn’t pick upon.

From the very start of the season, Shearer made it quite clear to the public that he had no interest of taking over as Newcastle Manager.

I understand why he turned the job down at the start of the season,  Newcastle is a massive club despite not winning much in the last ten years, and they needed someone who had some experience to take them into what has developed into the most exciting football league in the world.

So while Newcastle campaigned on the pitch, Shearer was working as a pundit for the BBC, which means he should have a greater insight into all the team’s in the Premier league as well as Newcastle. This insight he will need when he takes charge in his first game for the Toon Army.

So what is it that has got to me so much? let me tell you, I think the timing of his appointment is what’s annoying me the most! why go to Newcastle with only eight games to go when he has stressed all year he didn’t want the job?  We all know if he takes the job now and Newcastle go down he will say it wasn’t his team, and that it was ‘to late in the day’ for him to change anything, or he might even go down the route of too many injuries as if no other team as had the same problems to deal with and most people will unfortunately agree with him. Then there is the chance that Newcastle will stay up and then he will be the new king on teeside, claiming that even though he hasn’t got the qualifications he still got the job done.

Either way he will come out of this smelling of Rosie’s, but while life my look good for him what of Newcastle? if they go down Shearer will be off again claiming it was only for those eight days, which at the moment he is making sure everyone is aware, but if they stay up you can put your mortgage on it that he will want to stay and manage in the top flight.

All this leaves a sour taste in my mouth as another football is obviously out for himself and not the good of the club but I suppose that’s something we have all got used too. Surly if he really thought he could make a difference he would have started the season with the club who gave him everything, the same club he tells us every Saturday that he loves?

Alan Shearer said:

“We have got a massive fight on our hands in very difficult circumstances, we’ve got injuries – but we’ll face it head on and give it a right good go.

“The fans know me as well as anyone and know they will get 100 per cent, 24 hours a day for next eight matches.

“I hope that will be good enough because it would sadden me and thousands of supporters if we were in the Championship. They don’t deserve that, they deserve better.

“The powers that be have admitted mistakes were made this season and it’s important that whatever mistakes have been made, they’re gone. It’s history – we can’t do anything about it.

“I love this club and realise they are in a very bad position and that is why I have taken this job. I could have sat on the sofa on a Saturday night and been critical but I believe I can help the club get out of this position.

“It would hurt and devastate me if the club dropped into the Championship.

“I am just interested in the next eight games and the next eight games only. I was asked to try and keep Newcastle in the Premier League and that is my job.

“I envisage sitting in the stands next season watching Newcastle as a Premier League football club, and I will be doing everything in my power to make that happen.

“It would be daft to say I don’t understand the fans’ reaction because of the bond I have with this club – and I probably would not have done this for any other club. I have been given an opportunity to do something about it, and I believe I can.”

~ by awbroady on April 2, 2009.

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