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While looking over the Internet recently, I came across two comments that I couldn’t have agreed more with,  so I felt that I should share them with you..


“I’m more and more convinced that Keane was NOT Rafa’s signing so i think Robbie was on to a loser from the start. Benitez wanted Barry but initially not to replace Alonso.He was to replace Gerrard who would then take up a permanent role behind Torres (in essence replacing Crouch as a forward).This was refused and Keane was a compromise Benitez didn’t really want.So he plays him a few times and at the first opportunity drops him.Does anyone seriously believe that in the middle of contract negotiations,the main sticking point being his control of the transfer kitty,the second most expensive player in the club’s history is sold six months after purchase at a loss and Rafa says nothing?Why?I’ll tell you why, Benitez was basically saying “send him back where he came from and don’t stick your nose in again.Now give me what i want”.I still think this power struggle weakened us at a crucial time and i would of kept him until the summer. A useful squad player?Yes.Good enough to play in the first team again the best opposition with everyone fit?Not on your life. “


“BIGSHOW u know it was parry who told the yanks 2 get keane and not rafa.If u remember rafa wanted barry and parry told the yanks keane was the better player and was the better buy.Rafa never wanted keane thats y all this fuss with his contract and wanting total control over transfers because parry was the 1 who was picking the players.and u r right we never needed him and im glad he went wen he did because kuyt and babel r better thn keane so we had cover if torres was out.But rafa never wanted keane thats y he did not play as much as he did and wen he did he made schoolboy errors and hes done nothing sinse hes been back at spurs ha he. He has scored 1 goal i think hehe says it all i think………………..”


~ by awbroady on March 18, 2009.

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