Views from the Forest fans in the stands.

Championship – View from the Terraces: Nottm Forest

FOOTBALL 1996 - Andrea Silenzi, Nottingham Forest and Gary McAllister, Leeds United - 0

Where will you finish this season and who do you expect to get promoted?

Probably fifth bottom. Why? Because we’ll win more points than the team who finish fourth bottom and less than the one who finish sixth bottom. I’m not especially happy with it, but I suppose if we’re not relegated I’ll be happy enough.

Wolves, Birmingham and Sheffield United will go up, assuming the Blades avoid Reading in the play-offs.

Who is the worst player to have pulled on the shirt in your lifetime?

In recent times it’s got to be Luke Chambers: he was diabolical. But of course then there’s Andrea Silenzi: he was quality in Italy – I think he was leading goalscorer in Serie A the season before – so we spent £1.8 million on him and he only started four league games, scoring in none of them. He managed a couple in the cups, but that was it.

Tell us an interesting fact about your club, or something that sets it apart from the others.

At the risk of repeating something that everybody knows, Forest are the only club in Europe to have been European champions more times than they have been champions of their domestic league.

What is your favourite chant?

The traditional one is: ‘We hate Derby and we hate Derby, we hate Derby and we hate Derby, we hate Derby and we hate Derby, we are the Derby, haters.’ Then there’s something about sheep, but we’ll leave that bit out.

Describe the standard of food and drink at your ground: what do you advise hungry visiting supporters to munch on?

Mediocre. It’s got to be a pie, flavour unspecified of course.


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